The Photo Vault app allows 50M+ users to store photos and videos securely on their phone or in the cloud.

Activation • Monetization • Experimentation • UX/UI Design

Photo Vault app

Our Approach

Kasva analyzed the onboarding flow and monetization model by reviewing existing data and studying the user experience. Based on the analysis, Kasva prepared multiple hypotheses that were further refined before designing the UX and handing them off to the development team. For larger flows, we also prepared Figma prototypes and performed user testing. The continuous exchange with William, founder of the Photo Vault app, ensured that we focused on meaningful experiments.

Photo Vault Redesigned Onboarding

Our Work

Our collaboration started by strategically outlining numerous experiments centered around activation and monetization. Within the first three weeks, Kasva prepared two pivotal experiments targeting the paywall and CRM. As our partnership progressed, we put together multiple iterations of new paywall designs, introduced alternative variants for the onboarding flow, and revamped key sections like the main screen and settings to enhance usability and drive user engagement and retention.





“There was no generic advice. They took the time to understand the business and created thoughtful designs that provide value tailored to my app.”

CEO & Founder
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