Growth strategy along the whole funnel

We help you define and execute your product & growth strategy along the whole funnel from acquisition to revenue.

Photo Vault

The Photo Vault app allows 50M+ users to store data securely on their phone. Kasva prepared multiple activation and monetization experiments, performed user testing, and redesigned parts of the app.

Activation • Monetization • Experimentation • UX/UI Design


Uproad is the leading mobile tolling payment solution in the United States. Kasva provided the Product & Growth lead, generating new business models and increasing subscription revenue by more than 7X

Activation • Monetization • Experimentation • Analytics • Product Strategy


PONS provides dictionaries and language learning services to 10M+ users. Kasva designed new activation and monetization experiments, and supported with the implementation of a new mobile growth stack.

Activation • Monetization • Experimentation • UX/UI Design • Analytics

Bid farewell to cheap acquisition, embrace the era of LTV

Customer acquisition costs are increasing, mainly due to increased competition and higher privacy restrictions (e.g. ATT).

In order to keep profitable LTV:CAC ratios and have fast payback periods, apps need to focus on improving their LTV.

Modern apps that want to strive in this new environment need to have


Right Martech & Growth stack


Product processes


Product analytics


UX design & user psychology skills


Fast experimentations


Activation (CRO)


Monetization (incl. paywall)


Retention & Engagement


Usability testing


Accompanying CRM measures

Tools we like to work with

Tools we like to work with

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