PONS provides dictionaries and language learning services to more than 10M users across the world.

Activation • Monetization • Experimentation • UX/UI Design • Analytics


Mobile growth stack

Kasva presented the concept of a modern mobile growth stack, and together with the PONS product team created an implementation plan that was tailored to PONS specific situation. As a starting point, Kasva guided the implementation of Amplitude, a leading product analytics tool, to support PONS on their journey to establish a culture of data-driven decision taking. Kasva created the initial data taxonomy, established related processes, and guided the implementation process. After an initial round of QA, Kasva also created first charts and dashboards, ran first analyses, and trained the team to run future analyses on their own.

Pons overview


Utilizing Amplitude, Kasva provided unprecedented insights into the user behavior allowing to make data-driven decisions and optimize the product offering. As a result of the first analyses, several ideas around activation, retention and monetization were generated, and added to the product backlog. After prioritizing the most impactful ideas, Kasva defined the requirements for the corresponding experiments in collaboration with the PONS product team and also provided the UX design and illustrations for the experiments ensuring that users not only enjoyed using the app but also stayed engaged and retained as active users.





"Kasva is a trusted partner on our journey towards taking data-driven decisions"

Head of Product
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