Uproad is the leading mobile tolling payment solution in the United States allowing drivers to pay and manage their tolls throughout the country.

Activation • Monetization • Experimentation • Analytics • Product Strategy


Increased subscription revenue by 7X

Kasva analyzed the existing subscription model, and defined and conducted multiple experiments to continuously optimize the subscription revenue. Step by step, we redesigned the onboarding experience, implemented a free trial, reintroduced a yearly plan, and conducted a willingness to pay survey. In the end, we were able to increase subscription revenue by more than 7X and have generated a backlog of further ideas to increase subscription revenue - always considering the tradeoff between conversion rates and monetization.

Decreased number of failed payments by 50%

Payments may fail for a number of voluntary and involuntary reasons. Kasva performed an analysis and derived and implemented a strategy to combat the main reasons that led to non-payment. By providing better education and guidance, changing charging retry frequencies and times of the day, segmenting strategies per Pro and Basic plan and further actions, we were able to reduce the number of failed payments by more than 50%.

Uproad overview

New business model

Uproad is already the leading mobile tolling payment solution. We generated a business model for expanding into parking as an additional market vertical to increase engagement and retention of the existing user base. In addition to working out the new business model, we conducted user surveys and led the partner selection process to validate our assumptions.

New B2B offering

Uproad decided to build a B2B offering on top of their existing B2C platform. Kasva supported in defining the product strategy, performed a business analysis, and guided Uproad through the implementation and sales process. First customers using the platform have already been acquired.





"They delivered impactful results from day 1"

Executive VP
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